Get a leading position in the sports distribution industry through customer satisfaction,

revenue growth and organizational innovation.


As a leading player in the sports distribution industry, we will grow and develop into a company that can contribute to the development of the domestic sports distribution business by expanding the related business.
First, we will consider systems that can proactively address rapidly changing distribution environments, understand customer needs and implement customer satisfaction and customer impression system.
Second, we pledge to realize customer satisfaction by developing capabilities and enhancing capabilities of our executives and employees, and continuously improve the detailed processes so that we can expand our humanitarian value.
Finally, we will try to reform our awareness in the variety of ways to create a favorable atmosphere for our customers.
We will create new indicators for distribution industries and companies that will satisfy not only external customers but also internal customers (employees) Through this series of efforts, we promise to do our best to meet the expectations of many customers, and we look forward to your continued supports and attention. Thank you. CEO Kim daeho